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A. Achyar Nur

Born in Watampone, February,3rd 1990. The second of third brothers and sisters.
Interesting with control, computer, telecommunication technology especially Satellite Communication and Data Communication. Finishing senior school program at vocational senior high school of Sandhy Putra Telkom in 2008. That's school, make He interest learning more about Transmission Telecommunication Technologies.

In 2008-2010, Entering Telkom Institute of Technology majoring Electronics and Telecommunication with concentration of Communication Satellite Technique. In communication satellite, He focused to Ground Station Developer, Try to develop some technologies related Modulation, Ponting System, and RF
In 2010 - 2011, Focusing with Radio Transport Network, Specialized With Huawei RTN. Planning and Design
In 2011 ~ 2013, Continue study focusing Satellite Controller, Do some research with Imaging satellite specialized in Ground Station For Nano Satellite.
In 2013 ~ Now, Focusing IP/MPLS Transport and Software Defined Network (SDN), specialized Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia IP/MPLS Transport device, Cyan POTS (Packet Optical Transport System). Opendaylight SDN Controller, Open Network Operating System (ONOS) Controller,

Research about Satellite Communication Ground Station,:

  1. Antennas Pointing Controller System for GEO Satellite(2011)
  2. Tracking Polarization Control System which designed for Linear Orthogonal Polarization. (2013).

Research/Trial about IP Transport:

  1. FAT-PW (Flow Aware Transport Pseudo-wires) over an MPLS Packet Switched Network Alcatel-Lucent (2014)
  2. Eth-CFM (Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management) Alcatel-Lucent (2015)
  3. IP-Sec Site-to-Site VPN Alcatel-Lucent (2015)
  4. IP TWAMP Monitoring for L3 VPN with Alcatel-Lucent (2015)
  5. PBB (Provider Backbone Bridging) TESI Cyan Packet Optical Transport System (2015)
  6. ONOS Carrier Grade SDN IP make suitable for Indonesian Customer (2016)
  7. Secure LTE Channel with Alcatel-Lucent SeGW (2016)

Slide Publication:

  1. NOKIA  TDM over MPLS overview (2015) - Internal
  2. NOKIA IPSec overview (2016) - Internal

Research on Progress:

  1. ONOS Carrier Grade SDN
  2. Provider Backbone Bridging using NOKIA Service Router
  3. Interworking IPSec 
  4. Network Operation System

For Further Information:

Email: achyar.nur@achyarnurandi.net
Skype: achyar.nur

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